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Washing your Biomag

The good news is, your BioMag and Gold Label underlays can all be hand or machine washed.

Caring for your woolen underlay is pretty much like just caring like your hair be gentle, use mild conditioner, and don't put heat on it or it’ll go dry and brittle and the fibres may fall out. You can do it at home, but if your underlay is one of the larger sizes, you should take it to a local cleaner – but DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Please refer to your cleaning instructions on your Biomag.

Tell the cleaning company to use a mild liquid detergent in cold or lukewarm water (max 40 degrees C). Do not use soap or washing powders containing enzymes or bleach, and do not use fabric softeners. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm or cool water.

Drying your Biomag

Hand squeeze as much water from the underlay as possible or spin dry briefly on cool, before laying the underlay out to dry. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight. A drying room is best – this is why we recommend using a commercial cleaner. The slow drying process can take as long as three days.

Do not put it in front of a heater, and do not iron.

After washing, the wool may revert back to its natural curly state. You can help restore its beautiful fluffy appearance by brushing gently with a wire pet brush or comb.

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