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Sleep and Music

Experiencing sleep problems? you may find soothing music before bedtime helps you to relax and 'let go' and ultimately sleep more easily.


Choosing the right type of music to sleep to

Music choice is, of course, ultimately down personal preference. Our top tip is to avoid your favorite songs as well as anything too uplifting, which might over-stimulate you before you go to bed, or once you are in bed. Instead, opt for music that blends into your sleeping environment and calms your mind.

Sounds of nature

Nature sounds, such as the sound of ocean or the sound of rain, are some of the most popular sleep-inducing sounds, and may help to 'transport' you to a more restful mental space.

Ambient music

Sometimes inspired by sounds of nature, ambient music is a genre of music that can evoke calming mental images and emotions without being a distraction. As such, it may help to promote relaxation in your daily environment without distracting you from other tasks.

Classical music

Being predominantly instrumental, classical music is often thought of as sleep-inducing music. Listening to relaxing classical compositions has been known to promote good sleep.

In any case, whilst music at bedtime won't help every poor sleeper, the relaxing sound of soothing music can help improve the quality and can lead to greater satisfaction with sleep. Happy sleeping!

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