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Free Wool Pillows with selected Magnetic Underlays

There's nothing like sleeping on pure NZ wool, not only are our pillows so comfy they also give you a healthier, deeper sleep too! Keep an optimal temperature all year round, and without the allergens and dust mites.

Get our famous Wool Pillow free when you purchase any of our selected magnetic underlays below:

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Wool Bliss
Magnetic Underlay

+ 1 Free Wool Pillow
from $379

Gold Label
Magnetic Underlay

+ 2 Free Wool Pillows
from $529

Healthy nights start here...

Wool Pillow

It's like sleeping on a cloud

Checkout our Wool Pillow

60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

Try a Magnetic Underlay for 60 days

Choosing the right comfort and relief is important. If you’re not obsessed by day 60, we’ll take it back for a full refund. Free shipping, no questions asked.

Pillow Pads

Free Pillow Pads with our Underlays

We designed our pillow pad with optimal relief and comfort in mind. And they are complimentary with all our Magnetic Underlays giving you head to toe blissful sleep every night.