Vitalise Wool Refresher Spray

Vitalise Wool Refresher Spray
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Why Use Vitalise Refresher?

  • Totally New Zealand made, using only the finest of ingredients

  • Promotes deeper sleep. Developed so that the active oils can slowly release over time

  • Cleanses and sanitises

  • Rejuvenates the wool leaving it feeling newer and reinvigorated

  • Removes smelly odours, such as sweat or tobacco odours

  • Enhances the fluffy Woolrest feel, for better relief and relaxation

  • Has a gentle, natural scent blended by an expert – see ingredients certificate

  • Not sticky

  • Will not irritate or cause allergy

  • Not overpowering, unlike synthetic sprays

  • Antifungal and anti viral

Other Uses

  • Your Vitalise can also be used on most bedding: sheets, duvets, linen and pillows

  • Can be added to damp washing then put in the dryer to refresh it

  • Spray Vitalise on winter jumpers for freshness, or before you put them away for summer

  • Also good for use on car seats

The bottle has instructions on how to use the spray. Important note: Do not use on silk.