Wool Bliss BioMag

Wool Bliss BioMag
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Wool Bliss BioMag

Single (90cm x 190cm)

Wool Bliss BioMag

King Single (110 x 200cm)

Wool Bliss BioMag

Double (135 x 190cm)

Wool Bliss BioMag

Queen (150 x 200cm)

Wool Bliss BioMag

King (165 x 200cm)

Wool Bliss BioMag

Super King (180 x 200cm)


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Hundreds of thousands of kiwis wake up feeling the relief and benefits of a Wool Bliss Magnetic Underlay.

Strong elastic corner straps hold the underlay tight to the bed and with your existing electric blanket. The Wool Bliss Magnetic Underlay also comes with 2 Free complimentary Pillow Pads.

Key Features

Money Back Guarantee

The Wool Bliss Magnetic Underlay is designed for maximum comfort and optimal magnetic therapy. Most customers feel the benefits of the magnetic underlay within a couple of weeks and have felt relief from aches and pains when they wake up each day. And we encourage you to try it as results may vary. As extra peace of mind the Wool Bliss BioMag magnetic underlay comes with a no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee

This superb underlay has set the standard for magnetic underlays for over 12 years.

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