Better sleep, better health
It’s our mission to help you get the sleep you've always dreamed of, try a Biomag magnetic underlay risk-free for 60 days

The secret to creating the most comfortable sleep experience leaving you refreshed for the next day? Harnessing the incredible properties of our planet’s natural materials, such as pure New Zealand wool.

Materials Matter

We’re always asking if there’s a better way. Whenever we can, we find new uses for the materials that naturally exist right in front of us, rather than relying on cheaper synthetics.

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60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

Try a Magnetic Underlay for 60 days

Choosing the right comfort and relief is important. If you’re not obsessed by day 60, we’ll take it back for a full refund. Free shipping, no questions asked.

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Pillow Pads

Free Pillow Pads with our Underlays

We designed our pillow pad with optimal relief and comfort in mind. And they are complimentary with all our Magnetic Underlays giving you head to toe blissful sleep every night.

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