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Hi. We’re Biomag, the Sleep Company.

Great sleep leads to big dreams and is the superpower that charges everything people do.

We’ve spent years studying the magic and science of sleep. The more we learn, the more we’re sure: Great sleep changes everything.

Brent McCarty’s mission has always been to improve lives by providing the best sleep experiences. After years of researching and focusing on products based on real customer needs and feedback, we crafted an innovative underlay combining the sustainable resource of New Zealand wool with the therapeutic powers of magnets.

The result? The most innovative range of therapeutic products that no one else had ever dreamed possible.

Online shopping should be as comfy as crawling into bed.

Whether it’s our customer experience team helping you find your best underlay, or our team answering any question under the moon, we want you to rest easy.

Lovable products

Innovative products designed to help you sleep you’re very best.

Like-minded sleepers

We are team of passionate people who believe improving sleep improves lives.

Hands-on help

Finding the best sleep solutions that are just right for you.