Our Story

Great sleep leads to big dreams. We are energized every day to advance our vision of becoming one of New Zealand's most loved brands by delivering exceptional customer service and an unparalled sleep experience all year round.

Sleep well.
Brent McCarty, CEO.

Our mission

We invented the Biomag 15 years ago, combining Magnetic Therapy and the comfort of Wool to provide the perfect sleep environment. We've been improving it ever since!

Biomag has been 35 years in the market and we are proud of our position as the recognised market leader of woollen and magnetic underlays in New Zealand.

At Biomag, we have a mission: to improve lives by providing the best sleep experiences. We start by focusing on you...

Biomag Promise

By believing that you are unique and deserve sleep solutions that are just right for you.

By providing you with innovative products designed to help you sleep your very best, only from Biomag.

By developing a team of passionate people who believe improving sleep improves lives.

And, by offering you the option to engage with us whenever and however you like online, email or by phone.

I invite you to discover a truly unique sleep experience from Biomag for your coziest, most personalized sleep ever.