Women’s Sheepskin Slippers


Give your feet the coziness and therapeutic relief they deserve, the Dream Walker Magnetic Slippers are made in New Zealand from hard-wearing but comfy local sheepskin which can be worn indoors and outdoors.

  • Hard-wearing EVA synthetic rubber soles
  • Pure sheepskin wool lining
  • Embedded magnets ease sore feet
  • Can be washed in cool water

Handy Tip: Sheepskin slippers stretch to fit your foot after a few days’ wear. They might feel a bit tight at first, but this is not because they are too small, it is because the sheepskin has been stretched across your foot, and it only beds in after it is worn. Plus, the wool will flatten out over time.

Measurements & dimensions
5 22cm
6 23cm
7 24cm
8 25cm
9 26cm
10 27cm
11 28cm
12 29cm