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These are a range of conditions that some of our customers have had relief from: arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid), back, neck, hip, shoulder and limb aches and pains, cramps, fatigue, fibromyalgia, sciatica, sleepless nights, and stress.

We are proud to tell you that 95% of our customers have received benefits and their sleep has improved. Many customers find their pain disappears completely, while others say the pain has eased to a level where they feel a marked improvement in their quality of life.

Despite the myriad of success stories we get here at BioMag, occasionally a customer may not be fully satisfied with the level of pain relief they get from their BioMag Magnetic underlay. That’s why we offer a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee – and we can only do that because we are so confident that our mattress toppers will help.

This depends on the individual. Often, it takes a couple of weeks, although some people have told us they noted relief from their pain on the first night! But most take longer, so it’s important to persevere. And it can sneak up on you: other customers have told us they didn’t notice the benefit, until they took the BioMag Magnetic underlay off the bed, or slept in a bed without one, and noticed their pain was worse.

You may find that your body temperature may be raised slightly when you first put the BioMag on your bed, this is normal, and will be only temporary. Remember, 95 percent of users of BioMag products love them.

Yes, your BioMag Magnetic underlay simply fits over the top. The simplest way to remember is: there should only be a sheet between you and your BioMag Magnetic underlay. Occasionally, an electric blanket directly beneath an underlay can cause it to move. If this happens, a thin blanket placed between them will stop it.

The World Health Organisation has concluded that no adverse side effects have been observed with the magnetic energy that BioMag products use. However, you should drink more water for the first couple of weeks, as it may make you thirsty.

Pregnancy. It is not recommended that you sleep on magnetic products. There has never been any evidence that magnetic therapy is harmful to pregnant women, so we prefer to take the safe approach.

Pacemakers and insulin pumps. It is possible that the magnets could slow down the battery. People in these categories should instead be buying one of our beautiful Fleece products which do not contain magnets.

Biomag products

It’s easier than you might think, the simplest way to look after it is to air it regularly in the sun, and gently vacuum it to get rid of dead skin cells, etc, to reinvigorate the wool. It’s also a good idea to occasionally comb it with a long-toothed comb.

It can be spot-cleaned using mild soap and warm water and then dried in the sun.

If you are determined to wash the whole thing, you can – but not at home, because they’re too bulky for your domestic washer. It should be gently washed in a commercial washing machine using a mild detergent and warm water, and it shouldn’t cost more than about $35 for a King Size. Remember, the temperature is critical. DO NOT exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use conditioner in the final rinse cycle. Tell the laundry people to tumble dry on a cool setting only for about 20 minutes, then hang it in the drying room for a couple of days until it’s dry. DO NOT overdry – the moisture level of wool must not be less than 10%, otherwise it can become dry and brittle.

But most people don’t bother getting their underlay washed, and as long as you air it out regularly there’s usually no need.

Dry Cleaning your Biomag

Before leaving your BioMag with a dry cleaners, make sure they understand how to clean a magnetic underlay.

Care over time

To ensure many years of satisfaction from your Biomag, make sure you keep it in good condition. Every few months, gently vacuum it to get rid of the dead skins cells etc. Occasionally put it outside in the shade, to air it out. You can also gently comb the wool to lift the fibres.

Yes, you can – excellent in fact for waterbeds, the only thing needed is to check the size.

We have the perfect solution for couples where one partner wants a magnetic mattress pad, and the other partner prefers wool without the magnets: the 50/50 underlay.

This is a BioMag on one half and a plain double fleece on the other. Ideal for situations where one partner may need relief from pain that requires the BioMag magnets, while the other partner may prefer plain wool. And it doesn’t matter which side of the bed you sleep on – the 50/50 BioMag can be turned around to be used either way.

We are delighted to make these to order, just call our service center staff.

It’s not ideal, because a small underlay on a big bed is likely to move and wrinkle.

It’s best to get the correct size – that’s why we have a BioMag underlay for every size of the mattress, from Single right through to California King.

Yes we do, learn about our financing options. Or simply contact our customer service team on toll free 0508 24 66 24 or send us an email to get support.

Here in New Zealand, we tend to take wool for granted because it’s everywhere. There are 40 million sheep in a country with only four and a half million people, and we wear a lot of woollen clothing. But stop for a minute to think about the superb qualities of wool:

  • A wool underlay will keep you warm in winter – and yet cool in summer. This is because wool fibres create a sort of microclimate, trapping microscopic pockets of air. This is what keeps you warm when you’re on a quality product such as a BioMag. And yet those same fibres have amazing moisture-wicking properties, which helps to keep you cooler and less sweaty in summer.
  • The fibres of wool allow moisture to pass through without the wool itself becoming damp. That’s why BioMags and our pillows are healthier – mould and mildew will not form in dry conditions.
  • Similarly, dust mites don’t like wool because it doesn’t provide the damp environment they need to thrive. Dust mites are the reason that people who are prone to asthma sometimes find other bedding that gives them problems.
  • Wool is good value for money! Your BioMag product will last you for years and years – we’ve been selling underlays for 35 years, so we know how long they last. They might cost a bit more upfront, but an underlay that lasts you for a good 20 years, works out as very good value!
  • And the single best feature of an underlay: comfort! The luxurious thick pile naturally cushions your body, reducing the load on pressure points such as your hips and shoulders. This is particularly beneficial if you suffer from arthritis etc, and it’s why you’ll get such a good night’s sleep.

A study conducted on wool and sleep patterns at Monash University in Australia found that the amount of movement during a normal night’s sleep is less, in comparison to the same people sleeping without wool on the bed – again, helping give a better night’s sleep.

The Biomag Magnetic underlay was developed 35 years ago and is a proudly New Zealand-made product. We’ve developed a special blend of merino and downs wool for maximum support and comfort, with durability and performance, because merino wool alone does not have the durability and strength of downs wool. Plus, not only is our wool is grown in New Zealand and Australia – but just as importantly, it’s processed here as well.

All our wool is fleece “the best wool” comes from the sheep’s back, not the skirting wool from the belly, or dirty wool that’s been bleached. And the wool used in a BioMag has only been washed or scoured, it has not been treated with chemicals.

Magnetic Underlays

We use unidirectional ferrite magnets, with the North, or Negative pole on the side facing your body. We offer a lifetime guarantee – the strength of the magnets will not noticeably diminish during your lifetime.

The strip on the back of an EFTPOS card, swipe card, or credit card, contains your account information. Any prolonged, close-proximity contact with a magnetic field can interfere with the magnetized strip and can wipe the data.

For this reason, if you have a magnetic titanium bracelet, you should avoid it being in close contact with magnetized cards – for instance in your handbag. You should also avoid wearing it on the wrist next to your watch. Similarly, you may like to take your watch off before you get into bed, as the magnets in any magnetic underlay can slow the battery.

Yes. Due to the magnetic field, this will cause the battery life to slow down or even stop.

The ceramic magnets used in a BioMag are glued into place, and then sewn around, so they can’t shift (this is why all our products are washable). The magnets are sewn into the underlay in a pattern that ensures the maximum amount of your body is in close contact, maximizing performance.

Millions of people around the world have benefited their well-being from using magnetic therapy. Put simply, the magnets may reduce inflammation that causes pain. South East Asia are great users of magnetic therapy in the same manner as acupuncture.

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