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Warranty Terms

We have so much confidence in the durability of the Biomag Magnetic Underlay that we're proud to offer you the following warranties on products:

Magnetic Underlays Warranty Year
Gold Label Biomag 5 Years
WoolBliss Biomag 3 Years
Biomag Underlay 1 Year
Opulence Cotton 1 Year
Fleeces Warranty Year
WoolBliss Ultimate Fleece 5 Years
WoolBliss Golden Fleece 5 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

How to file a warranty

Contact our team freephone: 0508 24 66 24 and advise us on any issues you may have so our staff can help assist and process your warranty claim.

Warranty Limits

There is a full 5 year warranty on our Gold Label Biomags, 3 year warranty on our Biomag and a 1 year warranty on our cotton Biomag. This covers any manufacturing issue.

What to do to keep the Warranty in effect

We simply advise you to use the product in the way it is intended, please call us if you have any questions.

What it does not cover

It does not cover things such as spillage or general improper use of the product under any circumstances. However our team are always willing to work with you to ensure the best outcome in most cases.

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