Your bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation and love.

Just like you wouldn’t mix dinner with dessert halfway through, you shouldn’t mix your bedroom up with anything else.

Here are 6 things that shouldn’t be in your room:

1. Television

A television that sits in a bedroom creates a need to be watched which can create a social, intimate distraction or even make a simple conversation near impossible. Keep it simple, the TV belongs in your lounge.

2. Pets

Pets can prevent you from going to sleep, and can pass on a range of mites, ticks and fecal matter into bed! Plus some pets also shed fur too.

3. Snacks

This can encourage bad eating habits such as eating in bed, plus it sends out a signal to all creepy crawlers as well. Yuk!

4. Work

Just like you wouldn’t want to bring stress into the bedroom, work should never be allowed to enter the bedroom. If you’re working 9-5 in an office, work shouldn’t come home with you.

5. Beauty & Hygiene items

Transfer your makeup to your bathroom and watch as your room becomes neater. The bedroom is for two things, and two things only… sleep and intimacy.

6. Clutter & Mess

The more mess and unnecessary items in your room, the more anxiety and stress it’ll give you. Don’t fall into the trap of your room becoming a hoarder’s paradise. It’s hard, but resist at all costs.